Edwin Sulca


Master weaver Edwin Sulca of Ayacucho Peru creates tapestries rich in the legacy of the Andean cultural traditions. for more than 20 years
the people of Ayacucho endured the terrorism of the the Sendero Luminoso, birthed in the small mountain town, and later the goernment
troops sent to battle the terrorists.
Sulca, wove the histories of his people in his tapestries. When we met in his hometown more than 15 years ago he just began to speak about the meanings of his tapestires, his hopes and dreams for his people, and for universal peace.
Recently I visited Sulca and interviewed him about his creativity, his work, and his life. This is a short audio clip where he is
speaking about his most famous piece, “El Viento,” The Wind.
“I wish to be like the wind that runs over the continents, and drags all evils, and smashes them against the rocks. I wish to be the brother who gives his hand to the fallen one, and , strongly embraced, seeks the peace of the world.’


Sedona Red Rock Renewal


Sedona Red Rocks
Cathedral Rock Sedona

Sedona (a pdf link to article) –Coastal Isles magazine recently published my article/photo essay about experiencing the red rock landscape of Sedona, Arizona. I arrived a spectator happy to enjoy the IMax quality beauty from behind a camera lens. With the help of many inspired artists, healers, yoga and qi-gong instructors, I now feel I  participate in this gorgeous red rock landscape.

Kerala India


trader at sunset on Kovalum Beach, India
Coastal Carolina Life  just published an
article I wrote and photographed about
south Kerala, India.  SouthKerala (a PDF version,
which shows the layout)

There is actually a funny story behind this article.
Last December(2011) I went to India for a month
with a friend.  I was not on assignment, but of
course I couldn’t resist taking pictures.  It was
a challenge to carry all my clothes and my
camera gear in a back pack for a month.

Most of the trip was in south Kerala with its
beautiful beaches, ayuvedic centers, rich cultural
events, such as Kathikali, the ancient dance drama,
and Indian classical dance and martial arts.
Other highlights were a visit to an ashram, an
overnight birthday trip on a converted rice barge,
and a sojourn in the home of a Keralite family.
I also enjoyed many visits to an amazing diversity
of religious sites–Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jewish,
and Jain.

It was a journey of stunning landscapes, lovely people,
exotic food, and rich cultural displays.

This summer, while driving across the US midwest,
I received an email from Carolyn Males, the new
editor of Coastal Carolina Living, asking if I could
supply an article about India, complete with
photos. So it was that I found myself madly typing
on my laptop about moist tropical Kerala  as my
friend drove thousands of miles across the parched US

I found it enormous fun to once again write and
illustrate as I had many years ago.  So far I’ve
received the most comments about the Ayuvedic
foot massage.








Epidaurus Greece
Dreaming at Aesclypian Temple, Greece

Being around so many creative artists, I feel drawn to exploring with different media, not just photography.
Sometimes exploring means a journey inward instead of to another continent. A dream, a vision, a painting, can become the passport stamp. Exploring can be traveling to Greece with Jungian therapist and dream tender JoHanna McNamee and going on an inner journey of dreams and visions.
Exploring  means painting with abandon or making a clay mask on a hot summer day.
Exploring means combining photographs, paints, fresco to create an image.  Here are some still-wet experiments with different media such as gel emulsion transfer, fresco, painting, and clay, using photographs and Photoshop as a basis.
Exploring can also mean going to the edge of our known understandings.  An example is “The Next Level of Living,” a short video about a man dying of a malignant brain tumor and how it transformed him, his family, and friends.

Currently I’m exploring audio portraits about enduring relationships.

Arches National Park, Utah
digital image of Arches, Utah

digital image of Arches, Utah

I have galleries of mixed media images called Alternatives-Mixed Media.
Also, check out the work of mixed-media artist Peggy Doig.

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Over the years I have been exploring ways to manipulate images.  Some of these are through photoshop alone.

Some combine alternative mixed media, which  include photographs that I have digitally created, paintings, gel emulsion transfer, or fresco.

These are some ways I am exploring by manipulating images in photoshop.

I created this explosion of lizards from a photograph I took of a collared lizard at a Mesa Verde, CO parking lot.

Arches National Park, Utah
digital image of Arches, Utah

Check out my gallery of mixed-media/alternative work, which includes images digitally manipulated in photoshop as well as gel emulsion transfer images, enhanced by handpainting, clay images and fresco.

JoHanna McNamee gives workshops in clay figure and maskmaking. Sedona artist Peggy Doig gives workshops on mixed media. See her website at essence-studio.