Epidaurus Greece
Dreaming at Aesclypian Temple, Greece

Being around so many creative artists, I feel drawn to exploring with different media, not just photography.
Sometimes exploring means a journey inward instead of to another continent. A dream, a vision, a painting, can become the passport stamp. Exploring can be traveling to Greece with Jungian therapist and dream tender JoHanna McNamee and going on an inner journey of dreams and visions.
Exploring  means painting with abandon or making a clay mask on a hot summer day.
Exploring means combining photographs, paints, fresco to create an image.  Here are some still-wet experiments with different media such as gel emulsion transfer, fresco, painting, and clay, using photographs and Photoshop as a basis.
Exploring can also mean going to the edge of our known understandings.  An example is “The Next Level of Living,” a short video about a man dying of a malignant brain tumor and how it transformed him, his family, and friends.

Currently I’m exploring audio portraits about enduring relationships.

Arches National Park, Utah
digital image of Arches, Utah

digital image of Arches, Utah

I have galleries of mixed media images called Alternatives-Mixed Media.
Also, check out the work of mixed-media artist Peggy Doig.

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