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Bob Anderson is a Penobscot Indian of midcoast Maine.
He comes from a long line of people who have used
their entrepenurial acumen to survive during tough
economic times.  Anderson grew up on the Old Town
Indian reservation where he learned how to gather
materials for baskets and make baskets along with
the rest of the community. Eventually he collected and
sold baskets, as his parents and grandparents had.

Although they had to become salesmen to survive, his
family boasted activists–his aunt was responsible for
obtaining voting rights for Penobscots in Maine.

I met Bob when he was 82 and was just recovering
from a stroke.  He was humorous, direct, and practical
when I interviewed him for this brief video which
explores stereotypes about Native Americans.

Baskets from pamela y. taylor on Vimeo.

I put together this very short story in 4 intense days
at the Maine Media Workshops under the expert
instruction of Bruce Strong.

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