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My experience with Pam Taylor was both engaging and rewarding.  Her dedication, vision, and expertise in creating a video to tell the story of older veterans who are homeless was remarkable.  She told the story of members of the Justa Center with such  dignity and respect.  She was able to highlight the dedication of our service men and women and how we, as a society, have let them down.  She is an incredible storyteller with such passion and compassion.  I will highly recommend her for any project.  Not only is she a talented person, but she is an outstanding human being.

Rev. Scott Ritchey
  Executive Director of the Justa Center
March, 2012

Pam Taylor has that rare human quality of deep listening.  Rather than just fact gathering, she gathers — and puts words, images, music, video clips — to that hidden passion that lies within each of us.
Whether you are an artist or a homeless person, rich or poor, from
Peru, Russia, or Miami, she listens until she hears the deepest theme
of your life and your story.  Then and only then does she begin the
creative process, continually working with you to ensure that she has,
indeed, captured your voice and your story.
     I worked with Pam when the Hannibal Arts Council received a grant and hired her to work with at-risk African-American and white children.
She taught them interviewing skills, empowering them to use
professional audio equipment recording the voices of their elders and
stories of racism in the small Mississippi river town, Hannibal, where
Mark Twain grew up.
    She inspired them, listened to them, taught them, identified and
affirmed their skills, and helped them step into a racist history as
integrated teams.  The oral history documentary transformed the
students and is slowly transforming our town as community leaders see it, and our museums and library add it to their collection as part of
our history.
   While many photojournalists competently capture
who-what-when-why-where information, I’ve never experienced the level of compassion with which Pam Taylor enters into and commits to a project.  Because she opens her heart to you — you open your heart to her.

    The result is MAGIC.
Bella Erakko Taylor
Community Partnership for Reconciliation
Hannibal Missouri
October, 2011

“Pam is an outstanding photographer and writer. She is creative, knowledgeable, professional and delivers projects on time. Compassionate and smart, she sees the world through an artist’s eye. One of the best writers/photographers I’ve worked with. Highly recommended.”

Carolyn Males

Editor, Coastal Carolina Life

September 2012


Pamela Taylor has provided me with quality images to utilize in my marketing brochures and web site. I am pleased with the high quality and variety of her work to choose from. I wholeheartedly recommend Pamela as a person who will perform as stated and take the job to the next level.
Guy Matthews
Krystalbleu Productions Sedona AZ
July 2011

Pam sponsored an Arizona Heritage chapter at her school while I conducted a separate project at mine. One of our goals was to document local history and create a product to contribute to the community. Pam’s ability to do archaeological research with her students and create a professional video was impressive. I would hire her to make a video for my current veterans program.
Barbara Hatch
Veterans History Project
August 2011

Pam is not only a highly skilled photographer (her photos will take your breath away) but she is also detail oriented. She has an artist eye, coupled with an organized dedicated manner. If she says she will get something to you by a certain date, you can be sure you will have it one day early. She is a joy to work with: thoughtful, thorough and able to make many excellent suggestions in a tackful manner.
Lizette Stiehr
2012 Into Oneness
November 2011

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