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Birds, Beasts, and Blossoms in Thai Art
Birds, Beasts, and Blossoms in Thai Art

The highlight of my early work was when I was asked to write and photograph pictures for a book on Thai art for Oxford University Press. It took five years to research, write, find the images I needed throughout Thailand, take the pictures, and create the line drawings. The resulting book Beasts, Birds, and Blossoms in Thai Art, was published in 1994.



The Shah of Iran seeks asylum in Panama


I began my career in photojournalism as a stringer for Associated Press in Central America during the late 1970s-early 80s. Highlights were when I took the first photographs of the Shah of Iran and his wife as he sought asylum in Panama.





Shah of Iran arrives in Panama


The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, and Newsweek Magazine quickly picked up the photos I wired from Isla Contradora, Panama.




On frontlines of civil war in Nicaragua
Pam Taylor and Tom Fenton covering Nicargua for AP

I continued to cover events in Panama and Nicaragua, including riots and escalating tensions. Correspondent Tom Fenton continued to work with Associated Press and is now publisher of El Paso, Inc.





Cover photo on Sawaddi Magazine
Sawadii magazine Thai Dance



When I moved to Thailand I initially wrote articles and took pictures for Sawaddi magazine, which was published in Bangkok, Thailand. This is an example of  a cover photo for featured articles in the magazine.




Museum Book
Treasures from the National Museum, Bangkok


Over the course of several years I took pictures at the Bangkok National Museum for  Treasures of the National Museum, Bangkok, which was published in 1987. This work led to the book contract with Oxford University Press.






Burma's Revolution of the Spirit book
Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit



My photos appeared in Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit published by Aperture Press.





Runners Peachtree Road Race
Peachtree Road Race, Atlanta, GA



Upon returning to the United States my agent was Bruce Coleman, Inc.  My photographs appeared in books, magazines, annual reports, and other print media. This is a tearsheet from Psychology Today, which picked up one of my pictures.




Thai Dancer
Thai Dancer



Some of my images can be bought through PhotoShot, which replaced Bruce Coleman, Inc.







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