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I wish to Be the Wind
I wish to Be the Wind

While in Peru I worked with Edwin Sulca an weaver from the mountainous region of Ayacucho, Peru. This was the birthplace of the terrorist group the Sendero Luminoso. Sulca quietly wove into tapestries the story of the civil war for ten years. This weaving, I wish to Be Like the Wind, expresses his desire for peace and freedom during those tumultuous times.

Since the peace , Sulca has been exhibiting not only in his own country, but throughout Latin America.  In the various places in the United States, including  one on War and Peace at  The Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD.  He was one of the few artists who chose to be a voice for Peace, rather than the horrors of War.

Dvd Once Upon a Place
Once Upon a Place


When I returned to the United States I taught at an international high school in Arizona.  I received an Arizona Heritage Grant to teach students multimedia. We created a DVD about the Sinagua, Native American legacy in Northern Arizona.  This DVD is now archived at the American Folklife Museum at the United States Library of Congress.


Sharlot Hall Museum Printing Press
Sharlot Hall Museum Printing Press


I continued doing photography for Museums, now at the Sharlot Hall Museum, where I photographed exhibitions and various festivals including folk music, folk art, and Native American art.



Kudos cover Violin
Kudos cover violin



I also wrote and photographed for the local newspapers Verde News.  I focused on the weekly art magazine, Kudos, which featured local artists and musicians.

A cover article/photo about a violin maker.



Kudos Cover katsina
Kudos Cover katsina



Another cover article/photographs about Hopi Katsina carver, Gerry Quotskoyva.





Form Follows Fantasy
Form Follows Fantasy


As I met artists I began taking portraits of the artists and their work. I photographed sculpture of Ellie Haga for her retrospective book, Form Follows Fantasy.




Cover photo Silencio


I am drawn to creating photographs used in books. This is my cover photo, taken in Arequipa, Peru for  the book Silence: Making the Journey to Inner Quiet by Barbara Taylor.




20120 to Oneness
2012 to Oneness



Although this is not my cover shot, my photographs are featured in 2012 to Oneness, a poetry book by Lizette Stiehr.








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