Helping People Tell Their Story with Multimedia and Heartfelt Narratives

I have always felt grateful for glimpses of other people’s lives, whether they are in a foreign country, the American high desert, or an urban slum.

As a photojournalist in war-torn Central America I experienced how people, even in the most dire circumstances, are moved when they are portrayed with dignity. Perhaps this is why it is so important for me to listen. Telling a personal story can impact the teller.

As a published writer, I’ve honed my ability to listen and articulate.  My articles, with accompanying photos, have appeared in newspapers and magazines.  I wrote, as well as illustrated, a book for Oxford University Press.

I take time with people to establish intimacy so that they trust me.  The process is transforming; when they share their innermost feelings, they gain new insights and renewed strength.

One of my mentors, Ed Uzumeckis taught me the transformative power of media-rich digital stories.

The media-rich story goes beyond linear text. Multimedia art incorporates images, video, graphic design, animation, as well as interviews and music.  The result is a multi-dimensional narrative that educates, moves, and inspires.

Integrated media storytelling appeals to the heart.

I work collaboratively, including documentaries.  Rather than impose my words, I use the raw words of the person interviewed to build a narrative.  By sharing the images, draft, or rough cut with them, they become involved participants in their own storytelling process.

They may see their story in a new light, with me by their side, but I am the one who is accountable for its authenticity.

Please feel welcome to wander through this website to experience how I help people tell their stories through words, pictures, and video.

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