Kerala India


trader at sunset on Kovalum Beach, India
Coastal Carolina Life  just published an
article I wrote and photographed about
south Kerala, India.  SouthKerala (a PDF version,
which shows the layout)

There is actually a funny story behind this article.
Last December(2011) I went to India for a month
with a friend.  I was not on assignment, but of
course I couldn’t resist taking pictures.  It was
a challenge to carry all my clothes and my
camera gear in a back pack for a month.

Most of the trip was in south Kerala with its
beautiful beaches, ayuvedic centers, rich cultural
events, such as Kathikali, the ancient dance drama,
and Indian classical dance and martial arts.
Other highlights were a visit to an ashram, an
overnight birthday trip on a converted rice barge,
and a sojourn in the home of a Keralite family.
I also enjoyed many visits to an amazing diversity
of religious sites–Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jewish,
and Jain.

It was a journey of stunning landscapes, lovely people,
exotic food, and rich cultural displays.

This summer, while driving across the US midwest,
I received an email from Carolyn Males, the new
editor of Coastal Carolina Living, asking if I could
supply an article about India, complete with
photos. So it was that I found myself madly typing
on my laptop about moist tropical Kerala  as my
friend drove thousands of miles across the parched US

I found it enormous fun to once again write and
illustrate as I had many years ago.  So far I’ve
received the most comments about the Ayuvedic
foot massage.