David Michael Kennedy on Portraiture

Portrail of David Michael Kennedy
David Michael Kennedy

This is a spin off of a Video Boot Camp at The Santa Fe Workshops, taught by Richard Newman. At the workshop 5 participants created a group video about famous photographer David Michael Kennedy. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from David Michael Kennedy, the learning environment created by Newman, as well the creativity and enthusiasm of the team.
When I got home I really wanted to practice the techniques we had learned using the assets but with my own
creative vision. I focused on the question I had asked, “How do you Connect with People?,” used the footage for that interview (shot by Christine Garceau and John Dickson), added some images of Kennedy’s work, and some B roll I shot.
Newman was very encouraging in my little endeavor and he facilitated permission from the Santa Fe Workshops, which they graciously gave. David Michael Kennedy has been very supportive. I made some some minor changes he suggested. To my delight and surprise he sent me several more images to cover “jump cuts.” In the end, David Michael Kennedy not only approved the video for my portfolio, but liked it so much he wants to put the video on his website.